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Check out the process that makes your videos come to life.


Strong visuals in filmmaking serve as a visual language that communicates emotions, themes, and narratives in a powerful and immersive manner. From evoking specific moods to conveying intricate details, compelling visuals play a pivotal role in elevating the overall cinematic experience, making it a visually stunning and memorable journey for viewers.


Editing is a crucial aspect of filmmaking, acting as the transformative bridge between raw footage and a polished, cohesive narrative. It allows filmmakers to shape the pacing, rhythm, and emotional resonance of a film, ensuring that the final product engages audiences effectively.


Story is the beating heart of filmmaking, serving as the foundation upon which the entire cinematic experience is built. A well-crafted story not only captivates viewers, but allows filmmakers to explore profound themes, convey messages, and create a lasting impact that transcends the visual spectacle of the medium.

David DeLauder

Co-Founder / Content Creator

A San Diego native with over fifteen years of creative video experience, David is always looking for opportunities to create content. He is curious about the world around him and passionate about helping others communicate their stories in the brightest way possible.


Kelsey Buelna

Co-Founder / Content Creator

With an individualistic spirit and a drive for perfection, Kelsey views every frame as a challenge to reveal something new about the world. With a background in professional photography, her expertise in light, color and composition elevates every story she tells.

Image by Matt Hardy

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Image by KOBU Agency

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